Rates & Policies

Cash, personal checks, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. The following is a listing of our current rates which are subject to change without notification:

Therapeutic Massage Rates*

 Standard RateSenior RateP-Plus Member Rate
1/2 hour$50.00$45.00$45.00
3/4 hour$62.00$59.00$59.00
1 hour$77.00$72.00$72.00
1 1/2 hour$103.00$98.00$98.00
2 hour$129.00$124.00$124.00

*pre-natal massage: $5.00 additional charge per session
*herbal balls: $8.00 additional charge per session

Package Rates

A discount is given when a package of three sessions is purchased.

1/2 hour$135 / 3 sessions
3/4 hour$177 / 3 sessions
1 hour$216 / 3 sessions
1 1/2 hours$294 / 3 sessions
2 hours$372 / 3 sessions

*pre-natal massage: $15.00 additional charge per package

Raindrop Therapy**

1 1/2 hours$123.00

Hot Rocks Massage Rates**

1 hour$93.00
1 1/2 hour$118.00

LaStone Therapy Rates**

1 hour (back & neck)$98.00
1 1/2 hours (full body)$124.00

Paraffin Dip**

15 minutes (hands or feet)$20.00
30 minutes (hand & feet)$35.00

**one day advanced notice required for these services

New Clients: call 608-246-9177 to make your appointment.

No Show and Late Cancellation Policy

Please allow at least 24 hours prior notice for an appointment cancellation or reschedule. When less than 24 hours notice is given, there will be a 60% charge for the appointment. If short notice is given more than once, there will be a 100% charge. We realize that acute illness, hazardous weather and family emergencies represent special circumstances and a fee will not be charged.

Gift Certificate Policy

All gift certificates are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. They are transferable if you wish to give it to someone else. They expire one year from the date of purchase. It is recommended that you call at least one month in advance of the expiration date to ensure that you can book a time that works for you. Our no show and cancellation policy are the same for gift certificate use.